Maintaining & Restoring Intimacy at 50+

Maintaining & Restoring Intimacy at 50+

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Adults of all ages often find it difficult to strike the right balance between independence and intimacy. With age, it can be increasingly hard to find the right ways to connect with those you're dating.

Fortunately, initiating and restoring intimacy in relationships is easier than it sounds! By opening up both emotionally and physically, you can generate genuine closeness and passion at any age.

Are you looking to instill more passion and intimacy into your relationship? Follow these easy tips for boosting connectivity between you and your date.


1.) Hold hands with your partner.

Simply holding hands with your date is a great way to improve your emotional connection. Older couples and those in long-term relationships sometimes neglect hand-holding, viewing it as an unnecessary public display of affection. Experts have found, however, that those who hold hands are generally happier in their relationships. Occasional hand-holding has even been shown to reduce couples' bickering and argumentation.  

To add a boost of emotional and physical closeness to your relationship, simply hold your partner's hand. This straight-forward exercise just might improve your intimacy in more ways than one.


2.) Don't be afraid to be flirtatious!

Older adults often write off flirting as a silly practice. Though flirting might seem inane, it is one of the best ways of generating passion at any age. Both men and women should strive to have open and inviting body language. Compliment your date and keep the conversation friendly and light-hearted.

A little bit of physical flirtation is a great way to boost intimacy, too. A casual touch on the shoulder or back is enough to build closeness and boost desire. Acting flirtatiously is a simple yet effective way to restore the passion and fun of the relationships of our youth.


3.) Expand your horizons in the bedroom.

Whether you've been dating for months or in a relationship for years, couples often fall into patterns regarding sex. Break these habits to boost desire between you and your partner!

Though you might find it uncomfortable to discuss your sex life frankly and openly with your partner, doing so just might improve your relationship. Seniors shouldn't feel ashamed about trying new activities in the bedroom. Role-play, oral sex, and use of sex toys, for instance, are all normal and perfectly healthy sexual practices. Talk to your partner about any unfulfilled fantasies he or she might have. Set out to fulfill these secret desires.

Having an adventurous and fulfilling sex life is one of the best ways to boost your closeness both inside and outside the bedroom.


4.) Be trusting and trustworthy.

Though it should go without saying, being trustworthy is one of the best ways to maintain intimacy in a relationship. Breaking your partner's trust through snooping, cheating, or other disingenuous behavior is one of the surest ways to damage the intimacy in your relationship. Without trust, it is impossible to establish a truly genuine sense of closeness and intimacy.

Ensure that you and your partner can trust one another completely. When your partner has complete faith in you, you will find that your emotional and sexual bond grow even stronger.


5.) Remind your partner that you care.

Individuals with the most intimate relationships frequently express their passion for their partners in words. Strive to tell your partner "I love you" at least weekly. Though women may feel that men do not want or need to hear these words, they often appreciate it just as much as their female counterparts.

Don't forget that praise and compliments always boost contentment in relationships. If your partner is looking good or has accomplished something impressive, be sure to acknowledge it.

Maintaining intimacy on a verbal level is one of the best ways to improve your emotional and physical closeness as a couple.


6.) Plan "date nights."

Contrary to popular belief, sex is rarely a spontaneous occurrence. The couples with the best sex lives often schedule their "couple time" together.

One every week or two, plan a special date with your partner. Whether it's a dinner out or a trip to a local art exhibit, spending quality time together is sure to make sparks fly between you and your date.

Engaging in these behaviors is an easy way to increase desire in your relationship. By communicating openly, reconnecting physically, and speaking from the heart, you can make your relationship more intimate at any age.

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