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  • Success Story
    • 6  | 3392 views
      Success Story
      Today, 10 October, 2016, I cancelled my Premium subscription for the simple reason that I am now engaged.Here is proof that even seniors in their early seventies, and beyond, can find love and banish loneliness.I (we) believe that our story is exceptional in that from the second contact on, we fully... more ...
  • Senior Dating: Success Story from Pennsylvania
    • 3  | 3007 views
      Senior Dating: Success Story from Pennsylvania
      It started with a smile and ended with a proposal. It was August 2014 after joining the 50 plus club that I received a smile from a man known only to me as 'Lasttango' in my Inbox.  I returned the smile and viewed his profile. He was handsome, lived within a 3.5 hour commute, and I like... more ...
  • Success Story
    • 5  | 5381 views
      Success Story
      I joined 50plus-Club in September 2014, I think. I got in touch with several nice men and dated a couple. It was nice although nothing special. Then the 13 of January someone who lived away from me sent me a smile I answered and we started to write each other. It was the most wonderful man I... more ...
  • Success Story
    • 6  | 5929 views
      Success Story
      We had met through the 50plus-Club, he started sending me a smily and from there we chated for a few months on skpye and meet up finally. It has been a year now and we plan to live and settle down together and I felt so lucky.... more ...
  • Success Story
    • 5  | 5643 views
      Success Story
      One day a lady received a smile from a gentleman on 50plus-Club. She responded by sending a smile back. The next message was an invite for coffee. The lady accepted, however, it was such hot muggy weather last July 2013, the lady suggested an iced tea instead. The gentleman agreed and they planned t... more ...
  • Success Story from Alberta
    • 15  | 5343 views
      Success Story from Alberta
      Kwy452 found me in this site, he then met up with me in my home town after chatting to each other in this site, we started out doing things together that we both like doing and from there our love for each other grew. He has propose to me, I said yes but taking one step at a time. We have spend ever... more ...
  • Never too late
    • 12  | 4426 views
      Never too late
      Just when I was about to call it a day on the dating search I met my partner. I am a woman in my 60s, he is similar age and now we are enjoying a great summer.   Thanks over 50plus-Club!   Good wishes, Galadriel   Foto © freshidea - more ...
  • Testimonial
    • 11  | 3723 views
      Sorry that there are, as yet, no photographs of my new found partner and I. However I am pleased to give you a testimonial.   I signed up with 50plus-Club in late July or early August of 2012. My new partner signed up - from what we can infer - within 48 hours one way or another of the time I... more ...
  • Success Story from British Columbia
    • 10  | 3426 views
      Success Story from British Columbia
      I know u guys haven't seen me on here for awhile. It is because I met the woman I truly love here. You may or may not know her as capricorn1. We have been an item since last March and are deeply in Love. We need to thank you Graham and your partners for giving us the opportunity to meet on your ... more ...

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