Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

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When it comes to setting up your online profile, sometimes it seems hard to find the right words. Luckily, sticking to a few basic rules can help you set up a great profile that will catch others' attention and help you find the partner you've been searching for.



Be Honest but Stay Positive


Honesty and positivity are some of the most important aspects of successful dating. It's important to give a true representation of yourself, who you are, what you like, and what you're looking for. Stretching the truth makes it much harder to find a lasting relationship that fits you, and it's not a good foundation for a relationship either.


However, balance your honesty with positivity. A dating profile is a short glimpse of you, so put your best foot forward. Instead of saying you're lonely, for example, let people know you're ready to share your life with someone.


Also, if there's something that you don't want or might be a dealbreaker for you, mention it in a positive way. For example, instead of saying, "No casual relationships," go with something like, "I'm looking for something meaningful and long-lasting."


Staying positive and honest applies to profile pictures as well. Use recent photos, and go for ones where you're smiling or having a good time. Serious shots might be attractive, but they tend to interest people less.



Ditch the Cliches 


Cliches are a simple way to say something, but they rarely give a good idea of who you are and what separates you from everyone else. Avoid cliches by aiming for more specific information. Instead of saying that you love dining out, list a few of your favorite restaurants or new food ideas you're excited to try.



Use Spellcheck and Check Your Grammar


For many people, misspelled words or bad punctuation can be a turnoff. Run your profile text through a quick grammar check program to make sure that everything reads correctly.



Showcase Your Nices Photos


Photos are the first thing most people look at, before reading anything on the profile, so choose pictures that say something about you. Post a nice head shot as your main photo and add a few pictures of you doing things you love—spending time with family, going on a nature walk, or spending a day at the beach - to your gallery. This helps to give a potential partner a good idea of who you are and whether you'll match before they even look at what you've written.



Keep the Focus on You


Write a longer paragraph or two letting potential dates know who you are and what you like to do for fun. Keep the information funny and snappy. Save the closing paragraph for a sentence or two about what you're looking for in a partner.



Show Your Profile to a Friend


Our friends know us best, and they may be able to pinpoint great qualities that we wouldn't think to list. Friends might also be able to give a good second opinion about that one photo you're on the fence about. Having a friend look over your profile and make suggestions can often help to highlight you and what you bring to the table a little bit more.




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Editor, 11/11/2021