Reading Body Language: Signs They’re Interested!

Reading Body Language: Signs They’re Interested!

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You might think that it’s the most physically beautiful people who get approached most when at bars and other dating hotspots. This, in fact, isn’t necessarily true! Simple body language cues, signaling interest, availability, and self-confidence, are actually the best means of luring in potential mates!Though body language is often an unconscious art, you can also be proactive in your use of body language, actively signaling your interest. By becoming more literate in body language, you can also better “read” the signals projected by others, allowing you to more easily determine whether or not a potential love interest is attracted to you, too.


Read on to discover some of the top ways men and women unconsciously reveal their attraction to each other!


Eye Contact


Prolonged eye contact is one of the surest signs that someone is attracted to you. If someone is interested in you, they will most likely engage in lots of eye contact with you, whether they realize it or not. If you’re trying to signal your interest in someone, work on maintaining eye contact with them, too. Gaze deeply into their eyes, but be sure to break your eye contact occasionally to prevent your conversational partner from becoming uncomfortable.Dilated pupils may be difficult to detect, but dilation is a common biological reflex that occurs when we view someone we’re attracted to. Likewise, many of us unconsciously raise our eyebrows, or quickly raise and lower our brows, when we view someone we see as a potential mate. Though such eyebrow movements generally occur unintentionally, you can also purposefully raise your eyebrows to make your attraction more visible to potential love interests.


Body Positioning and Posture


There are many subtle ways in which we pose the body, some of which signal attraction, and others which signal disinterest. Leaning towards someone and tilting your head slightly, for instance, is a simple way to show someone that you’re interested in them and are engaged with what they have to say. Uncrossed arms and uncrossed legs also indicate openness. A woman who, on the other hand, keeps her purse on her lap, or a man who has his arms tightly bound across his chest may be uncomfortable in a given situation or may be seeking to avoid your advances.


The orientation of an individual’s feet can also subtly indicate attraction. Feet pointed directly towards another person may indicate interest. If someone’s face and chest are also pointed towards you, it’s possible that they’re attracted to you, or, at the very least, are genuinely interested in what you have to say.


The ways in which men and women stand and sit can also reveal their feelings. Both genders often engage in subtle forms of self-grooming and preening around those they are attracted to. Men and women alike may fiddle with their clothing or touch their hair, for instance. Men may also posture themselves in certain ways, standing closing to those they are attracted to, spreading their legs, or putting their hands on their hips. Women may sit with their ankles crossed, with their wrists exposed, or with their heads resting on their hands. Women may also unconsciously stand or sit in ways which draw attention to the hips and breasts.


In short, attraction is often signified by open body posturing that subtly indicates availability and fertility. By considering the general way in which your love interest orients themselves towards you, you can often get a good idea as to whether or not they view you in a romantic light.


A Pounding Pulse


When we’re attracted to someone, our pulse often speeds up, increasing blood flow throughout the body. Though you probably shouldn’t offer to check your love interest’s heart rate, it’s often possible to detect the subtle signs of a raised pulse through simple visual observation. If someone is attracted to you, you might notice that their cheeks are flushed or their lips are slightly reddened. You may also see them breathing more quickly. Interestingly enough, studies have also shown that an independently-raised pulse also increases one’s own attraction to nearby strangers. If you want to attract someone, try getting physically active with them and see how things progress!


Physical Touch


Physical contact is one of the most powerful means of flirting and making your attraction known to others. It is crucial, however, to be extremely cautious of the ways in which you come into contact with others, as you don’t want to cross personal boundaries without others’ consent.


Casual, playful, or “accidental” physical contact often signifies attraction in both sexes. If someone casually touches your arm or hand or engages in “play-hitting” with you, they may be interested in you. Touch can obviously also be used to show others that you’re interested in them. Be careful, though! Though touching someone on their back or cheek or playing with their hair may seem innocent enough, such gestures can often make others feel uncomfortable if they aren’t actually interested in you. Before getting physical with your flirting, it is best to be sure your love interest is genuinely attracted to you, too.


Looking at the Lips


When we’re attracted to someone, our mouths often produce extra saliva. This often results in both men and women more actively using their lips. Women often pout their lips, lick them, or bite them; men may quickly lick their lips or press them together.


One of the most universal signs of attraction, of course, is the genuine, full-faced smile. A warm, lingering smile that also reaches the eyes is one of the best ways to show someone you like them. Though smiling can also be a friendly gesture, a lot of smiling, coupled with giggling, laughing, nodding, and other signs of interest, may indeed indicate that someone is interested in you.

In Conclusion:


Though body language can often be used to detect attraction, physical gestures alone shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on when trying to determine whether or not someone is interested in you. Listen to the way in which your love interest speaks with you, and try to place his or her behavior in context. Some individuals, for interest, may simple be acting warmly towards you because they’re friendly and agreeable people. When in doubt, consider expressing your interest more clearly. If you love interest feels the same way, they’ll most likely get the signal!



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