Senior Dating Online: How to Make a Good First Impression

Senior Dating Online: How to Make a Good First Impression

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Online dating is very much like regular dating: First impressions are everything. A great first impression can be intriguing enough to make a date want more or send someone fleeing back to Facebook to look up their high school flame. Simple online guidelines can help you make a first impression that will result in a real first date.


Photos and Headlines Count

Take care when selecting the image you use to represent yourself on the dating site. It may seem like common sense, but make sure the image is in focus and that you are featured in an appealing pose. Present your best self but don't use a photo that may be misleading. In 50plus-Club you can enter a headline for your profile. Make your headline lively and unique so that if your photo doesn't immediately attract attention, your headline will.


Preen You Profile

Online profiles can mean the difference between getting a date and staying home every Saturday night. Profiles should sound confident and upbeat without sounding phony. Be honest when expressing your interests and outlining your background. The writing should sound natural so your personality shines. Maintain some mystery. Your profile doesn't need to reveal personal background or sensitive details that might overwhelm someone before you land a first date. Self-awareness and a sense of humor are always appealing.


Proofread Your Work

When you apply for a job, you never submit a resume without proofreading it and then proofreading it again. The same care should be taken when applying for a date. Dating profiles and e-mails that are full of errors can demonstrate a carelessness that can be misinterpreted by your date. Failure to spell check can make you look sloppy, lazy or unintelligent, negative attributes that are sure to douse date potential.


Hire Help

If you have trouble putting words together, don't let it stop you from building a killer profile. Have a talented friend capture your voice and help you create an eye-catching profile.


Excel in Email

If you spot a photo on a site of someone appealing, read their profile thoroughly before emailing them. This allows you to ask questions about topics that interest them and to comment on common interests. Showing an interest in your date always makes a good impression, whether online or in the real world. Emails are another opportunity to communicate your personality, showcase your humor and promote yourself. If you send emails and don't get a reply, you may need to spice up your material. Boring emails won't get a response. Always re-read your emails before hitting "send" to avoid embarrassing mistakes in spelling, grammar or commentary.


Flirt First

When done correctly, online flirting can be alluring and set you apart. Many online dating services offer a simple way for daters to click and send a flirtatious smile or wink. Just like catching someone's eye and smiling at them across a crowded room, sending a "flirt" before sending an email can be a great way to get your date's attention. Use this type of flirting judiciously. If used too frequently, it can be annoying and lose its power to entice.




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