Signs that your new partner is a "Keeper"

Signs that your new partner is a "Keeper"

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In nearly every relationship, partners sometimes question their long-term compatibility. Though you might argue over which movie you'll see or what restaurant you'll go to, you and your beau can still make it if you're truly well-matched.

Are you and your love interest cut out for a lifetime of love together? If your date possesses these key traits, he or she just might be "the one" for you!




1.) He has an attitude of gratitude

Complaints and unhappiness can damage even the best relationships. Constant sighing, grumbling, and complaining will only cause discontent and strife between you and your partner.

If your partner is an optimist who strives to see the best in the world, your relationship has a good chance of succeeding. Individuals who openly appreciate their partners are guaranteed to have happier and healthier relationships.


2.) She trusts you completely

Though we've all heard it before, trust is fundamental to every healthy relationship. If you have given your partner every reason to trust you, you deserve to be treated as such. A relationship founded on doubt and mistrust is doomed to fail.

Honesty and trust always go hand-in-hand. If you and your partner communicate openly with one another, trust will almost always grow as a result. Though it can be challenging to discuss conflicts, fears, and deeply personal problems, you and your partner need to discuss such matters. Partners who are honest, straight-forward, and trusting almost always have the best long-term relationships.


3.) You fight sometimes, but it doesn't get personal

Every couple has their arguments. Though occasional fighting is inevitable, it's important to find a partner that doesn't take things "too far." Physical and emotional violence are never acceptable. Be wary if your lover is highly temperamental and prone to hurling insults, yelling aggressively, or engaging in prolonged "silent treatments."

In a healthy relationship, your partner will argue with you over an issue without attacking you personally. The healthiest arguments generally don't involve screaming and shouting, either. If your partner listens to you, makes concessions after an argument, and wants to make peace by the end of the day, he or she is a "keeper." Keeping things civil even during the worst of times is critical to maintaining solid relationships.


4.) He sets aside "couple time" for you

For many of us, life is a hectic rat race. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of work, chores, errands, and personal obligations.

It is important to find a partner who chooses to set aside time for you and your relationship. Life never stops being busy. All of us must choose to actively put aside our other obligations for the sake of our relationships. A great partner will ensure that you spend time together regularly, regardless of his or her other obligations. Even if he can only spare 20 minutes for lunch, or she can only watch one sitcom before collapsing on your shoulder, it's the effort that counts. In a healthy relationship, each partner makes time for the other.


5.) She gives you the "alone time" you need

Though a possessive, jealous lover might make you feel special at the beginning of a relationship, these behaviors soon become exhausting. A more mature partner will give you the space you need and deserve, and will trust you enough to let you roam free. No couple should be together 24/7! A reasonable beau will be content to see you spend an evening alone or out with your friends. Though you might miss each other, it's healthy to spend a little time apart.


6.) He truly listens to you

Solid relationships require excellent communication skills. Though it's easy to sometimes "tune out" others' words, a great partner will make a sincere effort to listen to you. The best partners will put their phones aside and look you in the eye when you speak to them, simply because they care. An awesome partner will read your facial expressions and body language as well, keeping an eye on you and your emotional well-being.


Though it can be easy to fret over the trivialities of a new relationship, it's often better to look at your partner as a whole. If you feel happy, free, and loved, your relationship is almost certainly a healthy one. Though lovers may come and go, a real "keeper" will respect you and your relationship above all else. Remember this and you'll be sure to find a great partner in the future!


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that is totally the best article written ever,, you soo nailed the "perfect" relationship.. that is where i am now,,,after 3 husbands i am quite independent,,and my beau now (after 6 yrs of being alone) is perfect (so far),, with no expectations,,,one day at a time attitude,, he has his life, i have mine,, if we merge,, so be it....
thank you !