The Changing Dating Scene: Tips for Keeping Up with the Times

The Changing Dating Scene: Tips for Keeping Up with the Times

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Keeping up with modern dating can be a challenge. It can be difficult, too, to decipher which parts of youth dating culture are suitable for more mature daters.

Though the fundamentals of dating have remained essentially the same across the decades, some aspects of the "dating game" have changed in recent years. Here are just a few of the most essential tips for surviving in the modern dating world.



1.) Modern dating is a balancing act between chivalry and equality

In recent decades, gender roles have changed dramatically. This, in turn, has altered the dating experience for both men and women.

Though there's no "firm" rules regarding gender roles in dating, it's generally best to seek a path that emphasizes the equality of the sexes. Women should pay for every other date or volunteer to split the bill. If a man wishes to pay for every date, it can be graciously accepted, but shouldn't necessarily be expected.

Men should, of course, treat the women they date with respect. Opening doors and pulling out chairs is generally appreciated by women of all ages. Men should, however, note that women today are as free and independent as ever before. If a lady prefers doing things for herself, you should allow her to do so.

In short, dating partners should do their best to treat each other equally and fairly, without expecting any sort of "special treatment" based on gender roles. Old-fashioned courtesies, however, can remain in place if both parties enjoy them.


2.) Diving into multiple dating pools is often necessary for success

Today more than ever, singles are turning to the internet to find love. Though online dating is one of the best ways to find a potential partner, it comes in second behind finding dates through friends and friends-of-friends.

The best way to find success in modern dating is to throw away all inhibitions and forget the taboos surrounding the dating world. Yes, there may be "scammers" on some online dating sites we at 50plus-Club everything to detect and remove such profiles), but there are also thousands of good-hearted singles seeking love, just like you! Sure, it may be awkward approaching someone at a coffee shop or restaurant, but taking that risk is far better than missing an opportunity for romance.

Put yourself out there. Consider dating your friends, participating in a speed dating session, or messaging someone online. Reach out to potential dates through a variety of channels and you'll be more likely to find your perfect match.


3.) Speak your mind instead of biting your tongue

Recent surveys of singles show that most prefer it when their dates are straight-forward with them rather than politely evasive. If you're really not feeling any chemistry with someone after a second or third date, simply tell them that you'd rather part ways. If sparks are flying with someone, don't be afraid to tell them, either. Though communicating openly and honestly can be difficult at times, it will ultimately enhance your dating experience.

Single women should also learn to speak their minds when it comes to men they're attracted to. Ladies can - and should! - take initiative in the dating world. Instead of waiting for men to ask you out, consider asking your prospective dates out for coffee or drinks. Men will appreciate your initiative and you just might score a great date, too!


4.) Make Google your friend

Before going on first dates, an increasing number of individuals run Google searches on their new potential partners. Though some may dismiss this as unnecessary "stalker behavior", this is far from true.

Many seniors will find that their potential dates have fairly little information posted about them online. In general, this is a good thing. Google searches that return genealogical information, athletic records, and other such data generally indicate that a potential date is a safe match. If you see no criminal records or other such warning signs, you're probably "in the clear."

If, however, you feel that you may be being "scammed" by a potential online match, Google can aid you in protecting yourself. Consider Googling a passage of romantic text sent to you by your new friend. Search this excerpt of text in quotation marks. If there are other copies of this message on the internet, it is likely that you are being pursued by a love scammer.

If you feel that a certain person's profile picture looks too good to be true, you might be right. By using Google's reverse image search tool, you can figure out whether or not a picture is authentic or merely stolen from somewhere else on the web.

Simply put, it isn't "creepy" to Google your dates anymore; rather, it's the smartest thing you can do. Don't feel guilty about Googling your date, particularly if you've met on the internet. Doing so just might save you a lot of heartache! And don’t forget the one single must follow rule when it comes to online dating: never ever send any money to anyone you’ve just met on the internet. No, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule!

By adapting to the ever-changing dating world, you can increase your chances of scoring better first dates. Remember these simple tips as you continue perusing the dating field. If you do, you might just find "the one"!


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