Top 10 Signs Your Partner's in it for the Long Haul

Top 10 Signs Your Partner's in it for the Long Haul

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Relationships almost always begin with two people making commitments to each other. Over time, however, problems can arise and feelings can change, leading many couples to break up. Despite the inevitable struggles, some of the strongest relationships endure the test of time. Are you wondering whether or not you can book a two-person vacation months in advance? Check out these ten reliable signs that your partner is truly in it for the long haul.



1.) He's discussed his future goals and plans with you.

Are you discussing your careers, retirement plans, and goals with one another? If you've talked about where you'd like to live, trips you'd like to take, and things you'd like to do together in the future, there's a good chance your partner plans to stick by your side for years to come.


2.) She asks for your input on things.

Does your partner ask for your insight on serious matters? A partner that has a high regard for your opinion is someone who values you as a person. If your partner is earnestly interested in what you're thinking and feeling, you'll likely continue to have a strong and healthy relationship.


3.) You've met his close family and friends.

A committed partner will want to show you off to his or her parents, friends, and acquaintances. If your relationship is being kept a secret from anyone, it is a sign that your partner is not ready for a mature and exclusive relationship. If your partner proudly acknowledges you in front of family and friends, he or she is serious about your relationship.


4.) You're not afraid to see each other makeup-free and in pajamas.

At the beginning of a relationship, most individuals keep their guards up to protect themselves from getting hurt. New romantic partners often act unnaturally around each other, consciously altering their appearances and behaviors to present themselves in the best possible light. You'll know that you've reached a much more committed level when you both drop these artifices. If you and your partner behave the same together as you do when you're apart, you've probably got a good future ahead of you.


5.) She supports you more than she argues with you.

Everyone wants to feel as though their partner is in their corner. In the strongest relationships, partners support one another rather than arguing over unimportant issues. If your partner supports your crazy ambitions and weird quirks rather than mocking them and arguing with you, you've definitely found a keeper.


6.) You've begun sharing a living space.

Whether you've just begun spending nights together or are already living with your partner, sharing a living space is a serious step towards commitment. Sharing the same physical space shows a growing intimacy and openness between you and your partner. If your lives and living situations are gradually becoming intertwined, it likely indicates that your partner sees a long-term future with you.


7.) He remembers and acknowledges the things that you love.

A truly dedicated partner will appreciate all of the little things that make you unique. If your partner rents your favorite movie for you or make your favorite meal every once in a while, it is clear that he cares about your happiness. A partner who acknowledges the things that you love cares about you on a deep and meaningful level.


8.) She talks about your relationship in terms of "us" and "we."

Has your partner begun acknowledging you collectively? When someone begins thinking of their relationship as an integral part of their life, their language will reflect it. "We" and "our" language is common in committed, loving relationships.


9.) He gives you the "me time" and "girl time" that you need.

The stereotype of a loving, happy couple being "inseparable" isn't actually accurate. In the happiest and healthiest relationships, partners aren't attached at the hip. If your partner is more than comfortable with you spending time alone or with friends, your relationship is on solid ground. With jealousy and clinginess behind you, your relationship will continue to blossom.


10.) You just seem to "get" each other.

Does your partner always notice when you're upset? Do you understand one another's thoughts and feelings? If you and your partner "click" and appreciate one another on a deeper level, it is highly probable that you'll stay together. A partner who strives to understand you is a partner who truly cares. Though no set of traits can guarantee a couple's happiness, these behaviors are common in happy and healthy relationships. With dedication, love, and patience, many relationships can stand the test of time.

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