Wonderful Winter Date Ideas

Wonderful Winter Date Ideas

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In the winter months, it can be tempting to simply sit around at home, curled up under the blankets while watching TV. Though enjoying a few cozy days around the fire is a seasonal must, the colder months remain a great time to stay engaged, going on dates and having fun with others.


Are you planning on dating during the colder weeks to come? Whether you prefer low-key home entertainment or active outdoor recreation, these date ideas are sure to inspire you!



1.) Take a stroll down memory lane!


Winter is the perfect season for reminiscing. Grab your date and settle down for an afternoon or evening filled with memories. Grab old photo albums, yearbooks, and journals and recall the days of yore. Sip on a mug of cocoa and cuddle up with your date while recounting long-forgotten tales from your past. 


2.) Build a bargain gingerbread castle!


The holiday season will soon be behind us. What lies ahead is piles of discounted holiday decorations and snacks! Grab a few festive cookie cutters, candies, and baking mixes and start flirting over bowls of frosting and trays of gingerbread. It doesn't matter if your final creation is beautiful or edible, so long as your date is as cute as a gumdrop!


3.) Meander your way through a “museum day!”


Cold days are the perfect opportunity to explore local culture in a comfortable setting. Find a few regional museums or historical sites that you've never explored. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with your date and set out on a cultural safari! Bring the evening to a close with a fine meal and a bottle of wine. Indulge your inner cultural snob with a day of appreciating life's finest luxuries. 


4.) Enjoy fondue for two – or four!


Instead of going out for Italian or Chinese, treat the object of your affection to a warm fondue date! If you've just met, consider enjoying a less formal afternoon double-date with a friend. Dip into your past while dunking tasty morsels in melted cheese. After a glass or two of wine, your conversation will be flowing like a chocolate fountain!


5.) Cuddle up with a crackling radio show.


Whether or not you grew up during the "Golden Age of Radio," an old-fashioned radio date is a wonderful way to spend a chilly winter's day! Dim the lights and listen to a mystery tale or a sudsy soap opera. Laugh your way through programs featuring classic comedians ranging from Burns and Allen to Groucho Marx. Visit the Internet Archive or similar online databases to explore classic radio programs. If you can't decide, simply visit a site like oldtimeradiolisten.com or relicradio.com and allow yourself to be surprised by what you hear!


6.) Start a booze-infused snowball fight!


Warm up and get your blood pumping with an alcohol-infused evening outdoors! Grab a flask of your favorite liquor, a bottle of eggnog, or a thermos of warm mulled wine and play in the snow! Throw snowballs, make snow angels, and craft a snowman together. If there's no snow in your area, improvise your fun at the beach, park, or a local playground!


7.) Have an arcade adventure!


Are you a pinball wizard? Even if you're not, an arcade date is an amazing way to get to know someone new! Grab a sack of quarters and seek out an arcade in your area. Play air hockey, test out the claw machine, and compete for high scores on Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Donkey Kong. A little playful competition and a shared bowl of nachos is sure to jump-start your new relationship even better than a retro pinball launcher!


8.) Be a cool cat!


Everyone has an inner "cool cat." If your flame is a friend of felines, treat him or her to an afternoon at a cat café! If this isn't an option, consider spending a morning volunteering at a local animal shelter. If, on the other hand, your date is a music lover, treat him or her to an evening at a jazz club. Enjoy the jam sessions of local artists while sipping on your favorite drinks. After a great day you and your date will surely be purring with delight!


In Conclusion:

Don’t let the chill of winter limit your dating potential! Savor instead the physical and emotional closeness the colder months inspire. Choose from one of the aforementioned dating ideas or come up with one of your own. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun!



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Editor, 12/14/2017