Your Profile Picture: Posting One & Doing It Right!

Your Profile Picture: Posting One & Doing It Right!

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Many of us would like to believe that we live in a world where looks don’t matter. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case! Though you may consider yourself a person who doesn’t judge books by their covers, when it comes to dating, you’re probably interested in knowing what a potential partner looks like before entering into a more serious relationship. 

Why, then, are so many of us using online dating profiles without taking the time to select and upload profile pictures?! 

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not having a profile picture! Here are just a few reasons you need to upload a profile picture today, along with some simple tricks for selecting photos that will make you look your best! 


Why Have a Profile Picture?


Your online dating profile is essentially your résumé. On a professional résumé, accuracy and detail are important. Representing yourself in an honest way should be a crucial part of setting up your dating profile, too! As with a job application, it is important to tell the truth while presenting yourself in a flattering light. As with a résumé, withholding important information can make you appear suspicious. You wouldn’t want to write a vague job application, refusing to attach a picture and leaving unexplained gaps in your employment history. In the same way, a sparse online profile makes it seem as though you have something to hide. Others might wonder: is he truly hideous? Is she secretly married? Is he a serial killer? There’s no excuse not to post at least one picture of yourself! Even if you’re insecure about your appearance or your past, posting a picture is guaranteed to attract more interest than a profile with no face behind it.  


A Social Experiment


One young woman, for the sake of research, decided to set up an online dating profile with a confident biography, stating that she was “smart and pretty” and looking for “riveting conversations about the economy and politics.” Despite not posting a profile picture, she still received clicks on her profile from some of the profiles she had visited. Though many men messaged her as a result of the statements on her profile, she realized, ultimately, that pairing a confident biography with a flattering profile picture led to greater success in the online dating world. Though a well-written biography may attract some potential suitors, a complete profile, including a handful of flattering pictures, is the best way to pique the interest of others. Being a little mysterious can be good; being a total mystery can be frightening!


Posting the Right Pictures


Posting a profile picture, or multiple images, is clearly an important part of creating a compelling online profile. Here are a few of the most important “dos” and “don’ts” when taking photos and selecting which ones to post!DO… show your face! Distant full-body shots can be used as secondary photos, but for a primary shot, opt for a friendly photo of your face. Though editing and retouching your photo in minor ways is acceptable, avoid over-editing your picture. Using digital masks and filters or blurring away every wrinkle and blemish on your face will ultimately distort the way you look. Represent yourself in an accurate, flattering way. If you upload multiple pictures, one or two silly shots may be acceptable. For your main picture, however, stick to a simple, friendly-looking face shot. 


DO… smile! Though you don’t need to post a photo of you mid-laugh, select pictures in which you look genuinely happy. Radiating joy is guaranteed to elicit a positive response from others!


DON’T… post mirror-selfies, or photos from the gym. Instead, opt for flattering photos, ideally taken by others. Including one or two selfies is fine, too. Unless you’re posting a beach picture, post photos in which you are fully clothed. If you’re fit, your figure will speak for itself. 


DON’T… choose washed-out, grayscale, or sepia photos. Colorful photos with strong contrast have been proven to attract the most visual attention online. Warm tones, like reds and oranges, are particularly eye-catching. Consider wearing these colors, or having them featured in the background of your photo. 


DO… ask your friends and family what they think about your pictures! It can often be difficult to judge whether or not our pictures are a good representation of who we really are. When in doubt, ask your friends to take a look at your photos and select a few for you. If nothing seems quite right, strive to take a few new photos, or ask someone to snap some shots of you at an upcoming event or gathering. Photos that reveal your true personality will likely be most attractive to others. 


DON’T… simply grab a blurry picture from your phone’s photo gallery! When it comes to profile pictures, having at least one or two quality images can make a tremendous difference. If you don’t have any flattering recent photos of yourself, set aside some time to get some pictures taken. Someone you know likely owns a high-quality camera. If not, consider hiring a professional for a simple photoshoot. Set aside some time to have a few nice photos taken. Dress well and have the pictures taken in a nice setting, preferably outdoors. Take a few shots with different angles and poses, some from further away, and some closer-up. Having at least one or two nice, professional-looking photos for your profile will make you look good and feel good, boosting your confidence online. 


DO… focus on your best features! If you have great eyes, be sure to post a photo that shows them off! If you’ve always gotten compliments on your hair, be sure to use a photo that shows how great it can look! If you’re physically fit, include at least one full-body picture that shows off your active lifestyle. Even if your self-confidence is low, you likely know which of your physical features are most attractive. Focus on what you like about yourself and forget about the rest!


In Conclusion:


Though many of us don’t enjoy looking at photos of ourselves, uploading profile pictures to our dating profiles is one of the best ways to improve our chances of finding “the one.” Once you’ve identified some pictures that you like, simply post them to your profile and continue on with the dating process. With the right photos, your profile will do half of the talking for you. Don’t delay -- post a new picture today! 





Editor, 12/12/2019