How to make the perfect Burger

How to make the perfect Burger

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It is an American summertime staple. A diverse and indulgent culinary delight. Everyone's favorite ground beef-based food. It is the burger. They are pretty much always edible, but it takes a little something special to make a burger truly amazing. By following a few pieces of advice from the Monarch Room's executive chef Michael Citarella, anyone can enjoy a gourmet burger in the comfort of their own home.



What Makes the Perfect Burger?

It is all about the ingredients. Obviously, the most important part of a burger is the meat. The patty should not be thick, and it is important not to handle the meat too much, as it will make the burger tougher. The ground beef should contain 20% fat, and should be all-natural and ultra-premium. Good quality beef will provide the flavor, and very few seasonings are needed. A little bit of salt before the burger goes into the pan or onto the grill, and some black pepper once it has been seared will accentuate the flavor of the beef nicely. Finally, the burger can be broiled briefly to melt the cheese on top, making an ooey gooey coating to seal the flavor into the patty.


Dressing the Burger: the Toppings

Once the burger has been cooked, preferably to medium or medium well, it can be put on the bun and decorated with toppings. A nice quality bun, fresh vegetables, and creative sauces add flair and flavor to any burger. Chef Citarella prefers a thick, white bread bun, but any chef can choose whatever type they find preferable. The sauce gives the chef the opportunity to pick the direction that they burger is going to go, from sweet and tangy to savory and robust. A good burger sauce can change the taste of the whole dish. Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions make the perfect companions for a quality burger, in addition to any other veggie toppings that the chef prefers and that will accent the flavor of the burger.


With superior ingredients and a few good pointers, it is easy for anyone to make an amazing burger. In the kitchen or on the grill, by following these steps, any amateur cook and make a burger of professional quality and outstanding flavor.


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