Introducing 10 of the Best Chefs of the World

Introducing 10 of the Best Chefs of the World

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Unless you're a celebrity, or happen to be alarmingly wealthy, then it's fairly unlikely that you'll ever enjoy the culinary delights of one of the world's most celebrated and talented chefs while dining in one of their restaurants. However, that doesn't negate their contribution to the world of cooking; like fashion designers, the world's leading chefs set the trends, influencing those who create the dishes that we enjoy locally. But who are the world's leading chefs? Here, in no particular order, are ten of the best.


Gordon Ramsay

One of the most recognised figures in the industry, Ramsay is known in equal measure for his culinary talents and his fiery temperament. A regular face on television in shows such as ‘Hell's Kitchen' and ‘Masterchef USA', he was mentored by Marco Pierre White in London before launching his own restaurant when only 30. He is the only chef to have earned ten Michelin stars.


Sanjeev Kapoor

One of the most recognised faces in the cookery world, Kapoor has won numerous awards for his Indian cuisine. He has been responsible for raising the profile of food across Asia by launching a number of television shows dedicated to cookery, not to mention an entire HD food channel.


Marco Pierre White

Having made possibly the greatest contribution to international cuisine, White's reputation as one of the world's elite chefs is undeniable. Since 1987, when he opened Harvey's in London and was the youngest chef ever to receive a Michelin star, he has groomed up-and-coming chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone and has stakes in a wide variety of restaurants including a 17th century Hampshire pub and a steak house in the Mailbox in Birmingham.


Jamie Oliver

Like Ramsay, Jamie Oliver is another British chef whose culinary skills are a side-line to his celebrity status on television. Brought up by his parent restaurateurs, Oliver has a well-publicised dislike of processed foods and is a keen advocate of fresh ingredients, which has led him to campaign for improvements to the quality of meals in Britain's schools.


Jordi Roca

Winner of the 2014 Best Pastry Chef award, the Spaniard is renowned for his ambitious desserts and extraordinary attention to detail. Regarded as a genius, he has tirelessly worked to perfect famous perfumes in edible form and also created an avant-garde fragrance based on a lemon dessert.


Anthony Bourdain

With his roots in restaurants starting as a humble dish washer, Bourdain gained his experience by working up the culinary ladder, from chef de partie to sous chef before succeeding to become a fully-fledged chef. A keen experimenter, Bourdain proclaims to love all foods and is a passionate advocate of everything to do with cuisine.


Charlie Trotter

His education led him to earn a degree in political science but Trotter's passion for food emerged from sharing a room with a fellow undergraduate. He recognises the individuality of every dish, comparing it to improvised jazz where two melodies are never quite the same. He is also a well-known television celebrity who founded the popular show ‘The Masterchef'.


Thomas Keller

The American chef, writer and restaurateur actually received little in the way of formal training in the industry but gained his knowledge and skills by working in restaurants. A multi-award winner, Keller achieved stardom as the owner and chef at the French Laundry at California, and has more recently received a three-star rating from Michelin.


Ferran Adria

Another to start his career as a dish washer, Adria has been proclaimed “the Salvador Dali of the kitchen” and his restaurant, El Bulli, has been named as the best of its kind in the world. His cuisine is closely linked to molecular gastronomy – the science of cooking, with remarkable results.


Emeril Lagasse

Few chefs have sent their creations into outer space but Lagasse has designed dishes for the crew of the International Space Station. French, Portugese and American by descent, Lagasse owns a crop of America's most highly rated restaurants and is well-regarded for Creole and Cajun dishes. He is also a prominent television star whose shows have been repeatedly nominated for the Emmy Awards.


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yum, good food well cooked and presented. Such an art. I agree, Jaffa, no women - there are very good female chefs, a whole family of Allens in Ireland (Myrtle is a legend, Darina followed on and now Rachel all of Ballymaloe in Cork, who have upped the standard of cooking and use of fresh, natural ingredients. There is a Catherine, cannot remember her surname, has a cookery school in Wicklow, is married to an Italian, is a superb cook with her own programme, great at promoting good ingredients and Irish and Italian cooking. Those all have their own cookery books. Of all the guys above, I particularly love Jamie Oliver, and check out wonderful Nevin Maguire of Ireland, he is a superb chef also and would be known internationally among chefs and foodies. And what about all the great mothers who through generations cooked wonderful, simple meals and often were the ones who imparted love of cooking to their chef offspring??

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I want to find a man exactly like Anthony Bourdain
Be still my beating heart......Sigh