5 Cures For Common Ailments

5 Cures For Common Ailments

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Whether it's a nagging ache or a recurring itch, everyone has physical complaints that are irritating but may not warrant a doctor's visit. For relief, sometimes you need look no further than your own kitchen pantry. Here are five common head-to-toe health complaints that can be helped with home remedies and common sense. Always seek a doctor's advice to address serious or chronic symptoms.


Cold Sores

This unattractive malady can precede a cold or appear alone. Using sunscreen or protective lip balm on lips and other areas where cold sores usually appear can help prevent this unsightly ailment. If you start to feel the tingle of a cold sore as it begins to form, try freezing it out. Applying ice immediately and frequently can stop the virus in its tracks. A dietary supplement of vitamin B also can help prevent cold sores.


Ear Wax

It mysteriously builds up until it creates a blockage large enough to affect your hearing. Earwax can be removed with store bought kits, but home remedies may work just as well. First soften the wax by filling an eyedropper with baby oil, mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide. Place a couple drops into the ear canal twice a day for about five days. After a couple days, fill a rubber bulb syringe with warm water and gently squirt into the ear. When finished, tilt the head to let the water drain and dry gently with a towel. Never use an object to dislodge earwax. Even a cotton swab can mistakenly lodge wax further into the ear canal or even damage the eardrum.



Middle-aged men are the most common victims of this painful inflammatory joint disease. Swelling and pain occur when uric acid accumulates and crystallizes in a joint, often the big toe. Taking weight off the affected area, elevating it and taking an anti-inflammatory can achieve short-term relief. In the long term, maintain a healthy weight to keep gout at bay. Reduce fat and limit rich meats and seafood. Cut alcohol intake, especially beer, to decrease attacks of gout. Drink plenty of water as dehydration seems to play a role in this affliction and water may help flush out the uric acid.


Back Pain

This culprit, chronic and debilitating, can be kept in check with a little effort. Remember that ice is your friend. Try icing your back for ten minutes off and on throughout the day to reduce inflammation and pain. Try to keep moving. Your instinct may be to stay in bed but many kinds of back pain are caused by the stiffness that accompanies sitting too long in the wrong chair. Get up and stretch gently each hour or so.


Athlete's Foot

This skin disease can plague even the armchair athlete and the discomfort that accompanies it can be major league. Fungus grows on damp feet, creating an itchy burning feeling. With a little care and attention itchy feet and cracked skin can be overcome. Try simple solutions first, such as keeping your feet dry, airing shoes completely after use and drying feet and between toes after bathing. Wear cotton socks and change them several times throughout the day to ensure your feet are dry. Soak your feet in a bath of warm salt water. If ignored, Athlete's Foot can turn into a serious infection. Care should be taken not to spread Athlete's Foot to other people or other parts of the body.

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