Top Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Top Tips for Relieving Back Pain

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Back pain is a problem for millions of individuals around the globe. Recent studies estimate that up to 80% of individuals experience back problems at some point in their lives. Back and shoulder pain can be tricky to treat once they have begun. Fortunately, however, there are a number of things back pain sufferers can do to lessen their pain.  Consider using the following techniques to relieve your back pain the next time it occurs.



Achieve relief through yoga

The health benefits of yoga are innumerable. Some yoga positions are especially good for reducing pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Many of these simple yoga poses can be done anywhere, allowing individuals to achieve instant back pain relief wherever they may be. The "cat and cow" pose, for instance, is a simple yoga exercise that stretches the lumbar muscles, reducing tension in the lower back. The "knees-to-chest" position is another beginner's pose that provides tangible relief to back pain sufferers.

These yoga stretches are as simple as a pre-exercise warm-up. By adding yoga to your daily routine, you can dramatically reduce the tension, pain, and stiffness in your back.


Re-evaluate the way you sleep

Many back pain sufferers are unwittingly aggravating their back problems. If your mattress is old, too soft, or too firm, it could be playing a role in prolonging your pain. Professionals recommend that individuals replace their mattresses every 5-8 years for optimal support and comfort. Most of us, however, are sleeping on older mattresses that offer inadequate spinal support.

Consider investing in a high-quality mattress that suits your back pain needs. Memory foam and latex mattresses are some of the best options for those seeking pain-free nights of sleep. Be sure to select a firmness level that is comfortable for you.

Additionally, consider changing your regular sleeping position. Though this is a challenge for most individuals, doing so often results in decreased back pain. Side-sleeping in the fetal position is the optimal sleeping position for back pain sufferers. Back sleeping is a good alternative, though stomach sleeping should be avoided.

By re-structuring the way you sleep, you just might be able to dramatically reduce the back pain you experience throughout the day.


Try inversion therapy

For patients suffering from chronic and persistent back pain, inversion therapy is worth considering. This method of back pain treatment involves using an "inversion table" to turn the patient upside-down. Inverting the body in this manner allows for spinal decompression to occur.

Inversion therapy can easily be done at home. Individuals must purchase an inversion table, which generally costs a few hundred dollars. Inversion table users rave that these tables give them incredible back pain relief that they couldn't achieve in the past.

If you suffer from compressed discs, spinal stenosis, or other conditions leading to chronic back pain, an inversion table just might be the back pain solution you've been searching for.


Remember that preventing back pain is easier than treating it

It is easier to prevent back pain from occurring than it is to manage pain after a bad flare-up. Be sure to wear supportive shoes at all times, and opt for ergonomic desk chairs with adequate back support. Work on increasing your abdominal strength, too. This will improve your posture and may aid you in treating your back pain. Avoid lifting heavy objects when possible, and take care of your body through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Though back problems may feel like a never-ending worry, your pain is not inevitable. Try these treatment techniques and consult your doctor for more information. Relieving your back pain will ultimately open doors to a better and more comfortable life.


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