10 Great Summer Date Ideas

10 Great Summer Date Ideas

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Going on a date should be fun and entertaining for everybody involved. It does not matter whether it is a first date or a date with your spouse of many years, the goal is to have a good time. With Summer ready to entertain us, here are ten great date ideas.


A Picnic For Two

Having a  picnic date in a secret hideaway is the ideal date for romantics. Whether it is a lunch a stargazing picnic, grab a basket with some food and wine and head to the wilderness or your favorite park.


Head To The Beach

Soaking up the sun, volley ball, swimming, or just relaxing together can make going to the beach avery nice date. Make sure you take sun screen, towel, blanket, and a change of clothes.


Open air cinema

Checking out the latest new releases on a big screen can be quite exciting. A movie has always been a great place for a date. Grab a blanket and head outside to see movies in the open air. Or perhaps you will be able to find a still operating drive-in theater. This could be a last chance before they all disappear.


Museum Time

Immense yourselves in the past. From fantastic art to antique machinery, you will surely find something to interest you. Or look for an outdoor living heritage museum, in which the real life conditions  of earlier periods are shown and expained by costumed interpreters.


Hit The Golf Ball

Playing miniature golf can be fun and frustrating. everyone knows how easy it is to miss that little hole. Dodge the obstacles, putt with precision, and beat your partner in a game that is awesome. You could wear out the course before you get tired of going back.


A Paddle Boat

Taking a tour of a river on a large paddle boat is a unique place to take a date. Not only is the scenery beautiful, there is usually entertainment and food. From comedy to live bands, this is a date experience not to be soon forgotten.


The Canoe Experience

For the ones who like to live dangerously. Riding the rapids in a canoe or kayak is exciting and also a little risky. Always wear a life jacket while on the ride. This is a daring date that you will remember all your life.


To The Amusement Park

From the roller coaster to the tilt-a-whirl, the amusement park will keep you and your date amused. This is the ultimate fun date which should be repeated many times.


Outdoor dining

Eating outdoors is one of the most pleasant ways to spend a summer evening and is a great setting for a date. Everyone loves to eat food and have a good time. Whether you pick a restaurant you know or a complete unknown place, you are sure to have a very interesting time.


Bowl Some Strikes

Bowling is a lot of fun and can be very challenging. It doesn't matter whether you bowl strikes or gutter balls, it will still be a blast. Just make sure you pick the right ball.


Even after going on these dates, keep searching for many others. from Frisbee golf to snorkeling, there are always fun and exciting things to do. This is what makes dating so much fun.

Editor, 06/13/2013