5 Tips on Enhancing One's Appearance

5 Tips on Enhancing One's Appearance

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There's no need to wait weeks to see a difference in how you look. Follow these tips, and you'll see the changes immediately. Also, these tips do not depend upon you exercising or losing weight. However, you may find yourself losing some extra pounds and being more active as a pleasant side effect of taking care of yourself and your appearance.



Care for your hair

  • - Get a good haircut. Nothing changes one's appearance more than a good haircut. Don't scrimp on cost, because a good hair cut will last you longer than a bargain basement cut. It will maintain its shape as it grows.
  • - Investigate stylists in your area, and have your hair styled by the best stylist in the best salon you can afford.
  • - Consider adding color to your hair, but have a professional stylist color your hair, and stay away from boxed color-treatments. Stylists know what color works with your skin tone; they can highlight areas of your hair, or mix custom blends of color for a healthy, natural look.


Love the skin you're in

  • - Skip the soap, and use a moisturizing cleanser instead. Moisturizing products like shower gels and after-bath creams have skin-softening qualities that keep your skin from looking dry and flaky.
  • - Some moisturizers come with a slight tint that adds a hint of color and glow to pale skin.
  • - All moisturizers enhance the appearance of your skin instantly, but they need to be applied on a routine basis for best results.
  • - For facial skin, never use harsh, drying soap, but also, don't use a body-cleansing product. Buy a moisturizing cleanser made specifically for delicate facial skin, and you'll see a more youthful face looking back at you in the mirror.
  • - Use a hand moisturizer, trim your nails and use a clear polish to protect your nails.
  • - Don't forget your feet. Beautiful soft feet with manicured nails are possible with hardly any work. Soak your feet in warm soapy water. Gently exfoliate your feet with a foot scrub, clip your toenails and polish your nails if you wish.


See your dentist

  • - Clean white teeth are important to your overall appearance. One professional cleaning done at your dentist's office will remove many stains and discolorations that toothpaste alone cannot accomplish. You'll also know if you have any dental problems that need immediate attention.
  • - Professional tooth whitening done in a dental office will dramatically improve your smile. In-office whitening treatments affect the front eight teeth which are the teeth that show when you smile.


Dump your dumpy duds

  • - Most people have a closet filled with clothing that is either too big or too small. Throw out ill-fitting clothes, and shop for some new replacements.
  • - Buy yourself at least one really nice outfit. A good outfit fits your body properly without sagging, bagging or pulling.
  • - Choose a classic look, and avoid buying clothing that's too youthful, trendy or too old-fashioned.
  • - Accessorize with quality shoes, and you'll add the finishing polish to your new outfit.


Smile a big smile

  • - You've had a head to toe makeover, and you even have a new outfit to wear. What's not to smile about?
  • - Practice smiling more often because studies show a smiling face is more attractive than a face with a neutral expression.
  • - When you smile your skin tightens, your eyes sparkle and you project an inner beauty that can be seen reflected on your face.


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