6 Easy Ways To Keep your New Year's Resolutions

6 Easy Ways To Keep your New Year's Resolutions

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As the New Year approaches, it's traditional to make resolutions. It's also somewhat of a tradition for many people to break their resolutions early in the year. However, if you are truly sincere in your desire to make a change, we want to encourage you to try your best. If you've been having trouble adhering to your plans in previous years, try these six easy ways to keep your New Year's resolutions.



Set Realistic Goals

First, it's important that you set realistic goals for yourself. If it's been years since you've gotten off the couch and done any exercise, it is likely going to be unrealistic for you to run in a marathon a month into the new year, for example.

Be honest with yourself about realistic goals that you can achieve. This is not to say that you should water down your resolutions. Just be aware of your capabilities. Otherwise, you might set yourself up for failure.


Tell People About Your Resolutions

A great way to stay on track with your resolutions is to tell people about them. Announce to coworkers, friends and family that you are going to quit smoking or that you intend to go for a 30-minute walk every day during your lunch break.

By telling others about your plans, it makes the resolutions seem more real. To make it interesting, you could even arrange with one of your friends where each of you will donate money to the other person's favorite cause if you break a resolution.


Give Yourself a Reward

To encourage yourself to stick with your resolutions, plan to give yourself a reward now and then. Have you gone a month without eating a forbidden treat or managed to hit the gym three times a week? Pamper yourself at a salon, go to a sporting event with your pals or enjoy a night out on the town as you meet one of your goals.


Rely on Others for Support

Your social network will prove invaluable as you work on keeping your resolutions. Rely on your close friends and family members for support. They will help you get through the tough times and will also be there to congratulate you and cheer you on as you meet your New Year's goals.


Keep Track of Your Progress

If you don't list your resolutions and keep track of your progress, how will you know whether you are doing well or need to improve? Set up a journal on your computer or keep records in a notebook. Write down your progress, such as the number of pounds you are losing each month, the number of miles you walk each week or any other milestone that you can keep track of.


Go Easy On Yourself

Finally, remember to go easy on yourself if you ever slip up. There's no need to grow angry or frustrated if you have a minor setback in keeping your resolutions. Remind yourself that it's human to mistakes. Don't give up on a resolution at the first sign of failure. Pick yourself up and keep going! In the end, you'll feel glad that you stuck with your resolutions.


We want to wish everyone in our community a happy New Year and extend our hopes that each of you will do well in keeping all your resolutions during the coming year!


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Editor, 01/09/2014