Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

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Everyone cherishes the opportunity to give and receive during the holidays. Giving gifts at this special time offers a way to honor those we love. Thinking up a special gift to wow the spirit or warm the heart can be fun and when you've given just the right thing, it's like hitting the jackpot. However, since coming up with new ideas every year isn't easy, here is a guide that might help spark your imagination without emptying your wallet.



Go Green

Give something that grows. Even those who aren't gardeners love to receive plants, trees or flowers as gifts. A small citrus tree, topiary or orchid plant make perfect holiday presents that your friends and family can enjoy year round. Plants liven up every room and will last long after the holiday is past. If someone has a green thumb, make a present of small herb pots and seeds so they can start a window herb garden.


Give From The Art

Use your hobby or art to give the most personal gifts of the season. Are you a painter? Create tiny 2x2 portraits, still lifes or landscapes that can fit on a desk or shelf. Do you take photographs? Frame one of your best or one that reminds you of the recipient, sign it and frame it. If you knit or crochet, you can keep everyone you love warm as toast with hand knit, one of kind scarves, hats and sweaters.


Gift Experience

With this gift, you can give the gift of trying something new or give someone the opportunity to do what he or she already loves. Perhaps rock-climbing is a passion. Give a series of sessions at a local climbing gym. If you know a culture vulture, consider giving them a membership to the art museum or tickets to the opera? Maybe you know someone has a life long desire to fly in a hot air balloon. Create your own certificate using a photo of a balloon and the promise to take to the sky. If you have a partner who would love to share more time with you, give the gift of dance lessons. Samba, square dance and ballroom dancing are all great ways to have fun, get exercise and spend time together.


Favorite Recipes

Are you famous for a particular dish that family and friends demand you make? Try putting together gift baskets that include all the ingredients they need to make it on their own. Add your famous recipe and you have given a gift that they can use for years to come. For example, if your pasta is gourmet, create a basket with fresh pasta, handmade sausages, tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs or whatever makes your recipe special. Arrange the items in a basket or use a pasta pot to hold everything. Tie it all up with decorative cellophane. Voila!


Hang It On The Tree

Handmade ornaments can become family heirlooms and treasures that are handed down generation to generation. Plain glass balls can be found at holiday shops or craft stores and decorated with glitter, paint, lace, buttons, collage or whatever your imagination can come up with. You also can make all sorts of ornaments with quilting, crochet, photographs, even cardboard. Homemade ornaments guarantee that your gift is one of a kind.

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