Dates With A Purpose

Dates With A Purpose

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Dating is usually about having fun or getting to know each other better. Have you ever thought about helping others while you date? There are dozens of ways you can share your passion for giving back and help your community as a couple. Pitching in on a service project gives your date a focus and a purpose while working together can help you know each other better. Here are few dates with purpose you may want to consider.



Share Your Passion

Do the two of you enjoy writing, painting or gardening? Most schools and youth programs are eager to have volunteers lead projects for students. Offer to lead a writing workshop afterschool and develop a curriculum together that you can co-teach once a week. Design a vegetable garden and recruit the kids to help you plant it. If the two of you enjoy art or painting, think about developing a mural to adorn the wall of a school, shelter or non-profit organization.


Give Your Time

Sometimes your presence and a little friendly attitude is all that is needed to help others. Visit a nursing home with your date and together you can brighten someone's day. The facility's staff can let you know where you are most needed. Bring flowers to cheer up the community room or fresh pastries for Sunday brunch. You can engage in a board game or lively conversation. Fresh energy can be a breath of fresh air to the elderly in a convalescent home.


Pet A Pup

Animal shelters are often overrun with dogs and cats that need grooming and attention. Volunteer to spend time stroking the kittens that need homes or take some of the dogs out to stretch their legs. Help out with feeding time and making sure all the animals have fresh water. You may find yourself falling in love with a pup and with your date. If the two of you are ready for a bigger commitment, you may want to consider adopting a pet and sharing in its care.


Help The Homeless

Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are always in need of volunteers and donations. Most shelters and food banks will take donations of food. Work together to organize a drive of canned goods and dry food for a shelter. Work at a food bank once a week to prepare and distribute food to clients. Volunteer to host birthday parties for children at homeless shelters or offer a weekly read-aloud time for the kids.


Go Green

Host a collection of electronics to recycle. You can contact friends, co-workers and neighbors or put up signs in your community and encourage people to clear out their closets. Everyone has old cell phones, radios, computers and other gadgets that they don't know what to do with. If you collect items that are still useable, donate them to a school or non-profit organization. If the items are broken, take them to an electronics recycling station.


Volunteering together is energizing and fun. Finding a project to work on together can give you more in common, more to talk about and may provide a bond that will last.

Editor, 08/23/2012