Fun & Interesting YouTube Channels

Fun & Interesting YouTube Channels

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Many of us have occasionally watched a funny cat video or a few bloopers on YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing website. Though there's an abundance of great content on the site, sorting through hundreds of millions of videos can be both cumbersome and time-consuming.


A select number of YouTube channels are known for producing captivating, professional-grade videos on a regular basis. The following channels are among the very best that YouTube has to offer.


For Animal Lovers - BBC Earth

If you love National Geographic or are a fan of watching programs on Animal Planet, you're guaranteed to enjoy the beautiful video clips posted by BBC Earth's YouTube channel.


Most videos revolve around animals eating, mating, fighting, and communicating with each other. The beautiful footage and informative narration take viewers to all four corners of the world, from the depths of the ocean to the African savanna. Other clips discuss natural history topics or feature insights from famed British naturalist David Attenborough. Most clips are just two to three minutes long, making them perfect for enjoying as quick treats throughout the day. For a brief escape into the natural world, check out the BCC Earth YouTube channel.


For Amateur Cooks - Food Wishes

Have you ever dreamt of devouring a savory twice-baked potato or savoring each bite of a rich chocolate soufflé? With the help of Food Wishes, you can prepare these two tasty dishes and more than 1,200 others!


Unlike many other recipe channels on YouTube, the videos from Food Wishes are both direct and easy-to-follow. Instead of featuring a prominent chef, the clips focus exclusively on the dishes that are being prepared. For written ingredients and details, viewers can visit the Food Wishes website.


Whether you're a rookie in the kitchen or a seasoned chef looking for something new to try, you're sure to benefit from the recipes shared on Food Wishes' YouTube channel.


For Anyone Quirky - Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is a daily talk show unlike any other. Every weekday, best friends Rhett and Link discuss an unconventional topic or participate in a wacky experiment.


Some of the most beloved Good Mythical Morning videos are the channel's "Will It...?" clips. In these videos, the hosts are usually served popular dishes that feature strange, sometimes perturbing additional ingredients. If the thought of pancakes topped with guinea pig testicles is too repulsive to you, the channel features over 1,300 other videos, covering subjects ranging from strange inventions to amazing hotels.


For a fun 15 minute break from reality, check out the Good Mythical Morning YouTube channel.


For Knowledge Lovers - Crash Course

Lifelong learners will be thrilled to discover Crash Course! Run by author-vlogger John Green and his brother Hank, this channel features brief and engaging videos on a variety of academic subjects. Refresh your knowledge of astronomy or begin studying philosophy for the very first time. Delve into a course's playlist or simply check out a few videos that sound interesting to you. Produced by PBS Digital Studios, you can rest assured that this online series is fact-checked and trustworthy.


Instead of perusing Wikipedia or picking up an old textbook, visit the Crash Course YouTube channel. These beautifully-produced clips truly make learning fun again.


For Pranksters - Just For Laughs: Gags

Did you know that the popular Canadian comedy series Just for Laughs: Gags has its own YouTube channel? More than 3,800 clips from the eponymous show are featured on this hilarious channel. The program, which is silent and features hidden cameras, generates laughs through hundreds of cheeky public pranks. Watch confused passersby stare in confusion at a little girl who appears to be pregnant. Laugh yourself silly as a man pops his head out of a portable toilet, screaming at petrified bathroom-goers.


When you're feeling depressed, frustrated, or grumpy, visit the Just for Laughs: Gags YouTube channel. Watching a clip or two will almost certainly put a smile on your face.


In Conclusion:

Though YouTube features an abundance of interesting videos, the aforementioned channels are among the best of the best. To discover more fascinating content, search YouTube for your favorite hobbies and interests! You just might discover a new source of entertainment.



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Editor, 02/23/2017