Great Outdoor Dates

Great Outdoor Dates

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Taking your date outdoors automatically makes it seem more adventurous and more relaxed at the same time. Sometimes sitting across the table over a meal can be awkward as you stare eye-to-eye and struggle to find conversation. Being on the move is energizing, making it easier to converse. Sharing an activity in the fresh air takes the pressure off and guarantees you have something in common to talk about. An outdoor date can have a specific destination, be sports-oriented or be as simple as a stroll along the beach. Whatever you choose, being outdoors will breathe fresh air into your next date.


Building a Relationship

Many cities and towns have historic or contemporary architecture that may be worth exploring together. Take a guided walking tour of local landmarks and have an architectural docent educate you in the native lore while introducing you to buildings of interest. If you would rather be on your own, do a little research and map out a tour together. Discovering new sights as a couple is a great way to find common ground.


Pick Your Pleasure

Depending on the season, you may find local orchards and farms that allow visitors to pick the produce. In summer, go to a berry farm and pluck a bucket of strawberries. After the work is done have a relaxing picnic. In fall, apple orchards invite pickers to take bushels of apples home. If you are lucky, orchards will offer cool cider and fresh donuts for hardworking harvesters. Pick enough produce so you have plenty extra and plan a second date so the two of you can bake the apples into a pie or make your strawberries into jam.


Dig For Treasure

If you are collectors, or simply like to shop for unique bargains, pick a morning to go garage sale hopping or hit a local flea market. Pick up a trinket you think your date might like. Sifting for treasure together will give you a sense of each other's style and taste as well as temperament. Is your date a patient haggler? Does she drive a hard bargain? Is he a pushover?


Sea of Love

Floating along in a boat while the sun sparkles on the water is a beautiful way to share an afternoon. Depending on where you live, a date on the water might consist of the two of you taking a rowboat into the pond at a local park, canoeing a river or whale watching on the ocean. For an adrenalin rush that will test your date's sense of adventure, go white water rafting or tubing.


Rain Date

Don't let inclement weather ruin your plans. Bundle up, don a slicker and galoshes and go puddle jumping. A walk in a gentle rain can be romantic. It can also be a way to test your date's flexibility. How does she deal with a little adversity or last minute change of plans? Is he afraid he will melt in the rain? Do you both love to splash in the biggest puddles or walk carefully around the edges? When you've had enough, head for cozy café and a hot toddy or mug of cocoa.

Editor, 03/15/2012