How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

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If you want your home to stand out from other homes in your neighborhood that are listed in the same price range, it's important to do the little things that will ensure you wow your buyers, and get that quick sale you want. You only have one chance to impress your buyers, and it starts the moment they drive up in front of your house.




Curb appeal

Homes that sell quickly have a tidy, attractive front yard. The grass is kept mowed, and all bushes are trimmed. There should be no broken lawn furniture, piles of yard debris or other eyesores on the property. If the door or porch has chipped paint, it will be a turn off to your buyers. Sand and paint your door and porch if it is in need of attention.

Repair any loose rails, and shine up the hardware on the door to look its best. Wash the front door's windows, and remove any clutter from the porch. Instead, place a new welcome mat by the door. If the season permits, scatter a few pots of flowers on the porch for a cozy and attractive welcome to your buyers.



The first peek into your home is when your buyers enter your front door. If you have a foyer, make sure all clutter has been removed. Also, remove any family photos or personal collections like china cats or sports trophies. You want your buyers to picture themselves living in your home, so it should be neutral in color and have limited art and accessories.



As with all rooms, but especially in a kitchen, it should be immaculate. A clean house shows your buyers you have no issues with insects or mold, and helps them to feel comfortable when they imagine living in your house.

Counter space is always at a premium, so remove all small appliances, and limit kitchen décor. Shine your faucets and sink, your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, and make sure your floor is spotless.



Check your tiled areas to see if you need to clean or replace any grout. Repaint your bathroom if necessary, and use a neutral color like beige or pale gray. Stow away knickknacks and artwork, and keep the room streamlined.

Scrub, rub, and shine every inch of your bathroom including light fixtures. A single vase with a spray of flowers looks great on your vanity, but isn't necessary. What really counts is that your bathroom is uncluttered and sparkling clean.



Professional staging companies recommend sellers remove at least one large piece of furniture from each room. You want your living space to seem expansive. Too much furniture makes a room look small and reduces walking space.



Let natural light into your home. Dark homes with windows covered in heavy draperies will not sell quickly. Wash all your windows, and replace heavy window treatments with light and airy neutral-toned curtain panels for a clean, bright look.


Pack up the pets

If you can send your pooch to your sister's house for the week, or board your kitties during home viewing times, it will help to sell your house. Not everyone is a pet lover, and people may be sensitive to the pet smells and animal dander you may have in your home.

If you can't board your pets, remove all food bowls, pet beds and litter boxes, and keep the pets outside during showings if at all possible.


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