Rosé the quintessential Summer wine!

Rosé the quintessential Summer wine!

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Wine is an enjoyable refreshment to enjoy anytime of the year. Because there are so many varieties, there really is a perfect wine for every occasion or meal. In the summer, a light slightly sweet wine is perfect for the warm weather. A great option for summer wine is rosé for many reasons.


Rosé Wine

Rosé is made a little differently than other wines. It is made from grapes crushed quickly and draining them just as fast. A lot of the dry flavor that you get from red wines is caused by the soaking of the fruit skins. With this type of wine, the skins are not soaked as long, often for only a couple days, so you get a light, fruity result. Rosé can be made from many different types of grapes, the process is what makes it different and not the type of grape used.


Rose Wine in the Summer

Rosé wine is a quintessential summer wine because it is pleasing to the palate and goes great with fruits, cheeses and other light summer foods. In comparison to a red wine, which is normally served at room temperature, rosé wine is cool, crisp and refreshing. This is how your summer beverages should all be, cool, fruity, relaxing and refreshing. All types of rosés go great with meats such as fish, chicken and pork. It goes great with virtually anything with the exception of a heavy, spicy meal.

It is also a great wine for a party because you will please everyone. You have those who only drink white or only drink red wine. By serving rosé, you will accommodate both groups of wine drinkers because it is a happy medium between the two. It is also quite inexpensive so it will not break your summer budget.


Rosé Wine in South of France

In southern France there are two regions that make a spectacular rosé. These two regions are Provence and Rhone Valley. These two regions are mostly known for their great rosés, some of which are only to be drunk in the summer. These regions make great rose because of the climate and the soil. This area of France leads the world in rose sales. Sales are increasing every year internationally as well.

In South of France, they generally use a type of grape called a Mourvedre. This grape is strong but tastes like berries. This makes it more suitable for making rosé wines than red wines. They also utilize another grape called Cinsault, which tastes quite a bit like a strawberry. You will find both of these grapes in French rose wines.


Summer is a time for gathering with friends and family. There is no better way to enjoy a relaxing evening than with a glass of wine and a nice summer meal. When it comes to choosing wine, a rosé is always a good option to please all wine drinkers.


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