Seniors and Better Solo Sex

Seniors and Better Solo Sex

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With age, our hormonal urges to mate and masturbate tend to decline. The old adage is true, however: it’s important to “use it” so as not to “lose it!” 


Why Masturbate?


Whether you’re dating, single, or in a relationship, masturbation remains one of the best and most pleasurable ways to maintain good sexual health. If you’re single, regular masturbation will keep you healthy and sexually engaged until you meet someone new. Even if you have a partner, medical issues or mismatched libidos may make masturbation an appealing or necessary alternative to traditional intercourse. Additionally, solo sex can help you discover the practices that bring you increased physical pleasure and lead to more fulfilling orgasms.


Research has shown that masturbation can strengthen the immune system, relieve headaches, reduce stress, improve blood pressure, and more. Men who masturbate regularly in their 50s may even be able to reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer! In short, solo sex is worth practicing. Consider it an investment in your future health!


To make your solo experiences even more pleasurable, consider following these simple suggestions.


Pick a Time and Get to It


So long as you don’t have any house guests, the best time to masturbate is whenever the urge strikes you! Don’t feel as though you have to wait until bedtime to experiment. If you always feel fresh and aroused in the morning, set aside some time to explore your body post-breakfast. If, on the contrary, you rarely feel aroused, consider scheduling some time for solo sex once or twice a week. Even if you think you’re not in the right mindset to masturbate, give it a try. In many cases, just getting started may be enough to eliminate the mental, physical, and emotional roadblocks that seem to be standing in your way.


Find the Fun in Fantasy & Foreplay


Masturbation offers you the opportunity to control all aspects of your own personal pleasure. Instead of having to guide and direct a sexual partner, you can seek out the stimuli that arouse you most. If lounging in the bath while reading erotica gets you in the mood, you can choose to do so. Allow your mind to wander to your most forbidden fantasies, or seek out a porn video from your favorite genre. Consider amplifying your foreplay experience by indulging all of your senses. Light some wonderfully-scented candles, wear a silk robe, or massage yourself with a soothing oil. By treating your body kindly and taking the time to engage in foreplay on your own, you’ll be more likely to experience a deeper sense of sexual release.


Explore Unknown Territory


When it comes to self-pleasure, most of us have practiced long enough to know what works best for us. Though it’s tempting to stick to time-tested techniques, our bodies and minds can easily fall into certain ruts, anticipating upcoming moves before they even arrive. Instead of doing what you always do, challenge yourself to use your hands, props, or toys in other ways. Instead of using your pointer finger, use your ring finger. Rather than using up-and-down motions, consider moving your toy from side to side. Use your non-dominant hand. If you’re used to moving at a certain pace, consider changing your speed or practicing edging, the act of taking breaks throughout the masturbation process. Though you may not get the same immediate rush that you do from your tried-and-true methods, you just might discover a new and surprising way to pleasure yourself.


Enjoy a Full-Body Experience


When we contemplate masturbation, most of us think about genital-focused arousal. Though the genitals are usually the focal point of both solo and partnered sex, they don’t need to be! To mix things up, consider taking the time to pleasure the rest of your body. Run your fingertips or a pleasant material over your arms, legs, neck, and chest. Use a massage toy to loosen up various stiff muscles. Focus on your body’s many other erogenous zones. By concentrating on the full-body pleasures of solo sex, you may be better equipped to manage certain sexual complications and anxieties, such as genital pain or erection issues, too. Tapping into this latent pleasure throughout your body is guaranteed to enhance your sexual experience.


In Conclusion:


Though many of us ultimately crave the intimacy of partnered sex, masturbation remains a healthy, pleasurable, and exciting sexual practice. By granting yourself the permission to enjoy solo sex on a regular basis, you can open the doors to a more fulfilling sex life, both now and in the future.




Editor, 04/12/2018