The Best Work Opportunities for Seniors

The Best Work Opportunities for Seniors

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In the past, retirement was seen as a time for seniors to quit their jobs and simply relax. Today, however, an increasing number of Boomers are seeking out jobs during their retirement years. Many seniors find that employment keeps them physically and mentally active. A job can also widen one's social circle and assuage the financial pressures that retirement often brings.

Whether you're looking to monetize your passions or simply want to earn a few extra bucks, there's a job out there for you. Check out our senior job recommendations below!


1.) Tutoring or Childcare

Do you miss the days of having your children or grandchildren around the house? If so, you may enjoy working part-time as a tutor or babysitter. Jobs in tutoring can be found through well-known employers such as Kaplan, or can be run out of your own home. Nannying and babysitting jobs offer just as many opportunities. Seniors can nanny children in the children's homes or can run a small daycare at their own residence. If you love being around children or teens, these jobs are guaranteed to bring you satisfaction.


2.) Retail Jobs

Though retail jobs may not be glamorous, they're a great way to earn a few extra dollars. Working hours are often flexible and most jobs require only minimal physical labor. By seeking employment at their favorite retailers, seniors may even be able to secure employee discounts on products that they already use and love. For those seeking low-stress jobs in social environments, retail work is always a solid option.


3.) Government Jobs

Though the thought of working for the government may sound daunting, there are dozens of fun and interesting government jobs that are well-suited for retired seniors. If you have a knack for the outdoors, consider a job as a park ranger or wildlife specialist. The government offers an abundance of jobs in teaching and nursing as well. If you're patient enough to handle the sometimes-lengthy application process, a government job may be the perfect career choice for you.


4.) Be an Entrepreneur

Have you always wanted to be your own boss, but never had the chance to try it? With sites like Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy, it's easier than ever to sell your own goods online. If you're into arts and crafts, consider setting up a shop on Etsy or selling your merchandise at local craft fairs. Others may enjoy selling baked goods, woodworking projects, or other wares at farmers markets. Simply put, there are dozens of career opportunities for entrepreneurial seniors.


5.) Seasonal Work

If you're looking for some pocket change but aren't willing to sacrifice your retirement lifestyle, a seasonal job may be for you. These temporary jobs are generally available during the summer months and the winter holiday season. Fun-loving seniors may enjoy working as a lifeguard or camp counselor during the summer or as a holiday decorator or photographer during the winter. For industrious seniors, the possibilities are endless!


6.) Handyman/-woman

Are you the one that your friends call whenever they need help with a household project? Consider charging others for your services as a handyman or handywoman! If you're a tinkerer by nature, this job will allow you to get paid for doing something that you love. Best of all, you can work whenever you please and set your own rates for your services. Turn your pastime into a paying job by marketing yourself as a professional handyman.


7.) Consulting Work

Do you miss putting your career-related skills to work? If so, a part-time consulting job may be the perfect fit for you. Companies both large and small are often looking for expert consultant guidance. Retirees, who have accumulated years of work experience and wisdom, are often seen as ideal candidates for consulting jobs. If you're looking for a serious job without the pressure of a 9 to 5 schedule, consider a retirement job in consulting.


8.) Freelance Work & Miscellaneous Jobs

For seniors who prefer a low-key lifestyle, freelance work is the perfect way to earn extra cash without even leaving the house. If you have a particular set of skills or interests, sell your services for $5 or more at If you're a writer, consider producing content for sites like Textbroker or Elance. Others may enjoy participating in market research projects. Sites such as Global Test Market often pay $1-$3 to individuals for offering their opinions on new products and marketing campaigns. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, you can probably find a way to make your passion profitable online!


Regardless of your interests, location, or abilities, there's a retirement job out there for you. Instead of sitting around at home all day, put your mind to work! Start looking for a great retirement job today.


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