Treat Yourself: Gifts & Indulgences For Singles to Enjoy!

Treat Yourself: Gifts & Indulgences For Singles to Enjoy!

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With the winter holidays far behind us and no upcoming celebrations in sight, most of us are unlikely to receive many presents in the months to come. As singles, we sometimes miss out on other gift-giving occasions, too, such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. All of us, however, deserve a little treat every now and then!


The next time you’re out shopping, treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually indulge in. If you’re looking for ideas, the following products and experiences are a few things almost anyone will enjoy.


A Few Culinary Indulgences


If you're a food lover, you probably treat yourself to fine cuisine on a regular basis. Instead of just purchasing your usual grocery store essentials, however, make a trip to a store or two and really indulge in a few gastronomic luxuries! If you enjoy a good glass of wine, purchase an expensive bottle of vintage wine or champagne for yourself alone. If you enjoy a tender cut of meat, purchase a fancy filet. If you love a gourmet cheese platter, buy one! If you're looking for inspiration, simply visit a high-end store or market and wander up and down the aisles, seeing what catches your eye. When you've found something that strikes your fancy, take it home and have a feast for one! Enjoy gourmet leftovers for the rest of the week.


Effective Skincare Products


All of us should be taking care of our skin! Investing in a handful of proven skincare products is sure to leave you looking better and feeling better, too! Do a little research to find out what your skin type is. Look for products that are designed for your skin type or for mature skin. Some products, such as vitamin C serums, sunscreens, and nighttime lotions, can improve the health of nearly anyone's skin. Treat yourself to a few less-necessary luxury products, too. If you're a fan of face masks, buy a few for yourself. Men may enjoy treating themselves to high-end electric razors or premium beard oils. When you look in the mirror, you'll see that these gifts just keep on giving!


Something with a Wonderful Scent


Did you know that one's sense of smell bypasses the thinking mind, linking scent directly to the memory and emotion centers in the brain? Pleasant scents are indeed one of nature's greatest relaxants! Treat yourself to a little aromatherapy gift of your choice. Consider going to the store and trying out a number of perfumes and colognes. Purchase your favorite fragrance, regardless of the price! If you'd rather infuse your home with a calming aroma, consider investing in an oil diffuser, incense sticks, or a fancy set of scented candles. The next time you're stocking up on laundry supplies, consider selecting a detergent or fabric softener that has a particularly pleasant aroma. Whether you're wearing a wonderful scent or filling your home with a new fragrance, you're guaranteed to feel happier and more relaxed because of it!


Personal Pleasure Items


Whether you're casually dating, totally single, or even in a committed relationship, you deserve to enjoy sexual pleasure on your own terms. Sexual gratification shouldn't require a partner! If you're single, treating yourself to a few personal pleasure items can be a great way to improve your relationship with yourself, both physically and emotionally. Peruse the internet or visit a local shop to find a few sex toys or fetish items that sound interesting to you. If you're comfortable doing so, purchase some sexy material to read or watch, too. Whatever it is that you're interested in, try it out! Having the opportunity to get in touch with your body and your own physical needs can be one of the best things about being single.


A Weekend Getaway


Enjoying a vacation on your own can make for a truly memorable experience! Plan a getaway for a few days. Pick out a city you've never explored, a rural destination, or a favorite vacation spot that you've visited many times before. Instead of making this a budget trip, however, plan to enjoy yourself to the fullest! Book a room at a bed and breakfast, for instance, or stay at a luxury spa resort. Look up gourmet restaurants in the area, and book tickets to concerts or shows you may want to see. Instead of fretting about expenses, look into museums and activities without taking costs into consideration. When you're ready, grab your camera and set out on your adventure. Get out there and have fun!


Bath & Shower Luxuries 

Though we all need to bathe on a regular basis, it can sometimes be difficult to get ourselves into the shower or tub. Instead of begrudgingly turning on the tap, change your attitude by transforming your bathroom into a mini spa. Invest in a few new products to transform your bathroom into a sauna for your senses. Throw away your old shower curtain and replace it with a new design of your choice. Unscrew your old shower head and replace it with a fancier one. Some shower heads come with multiple spray functions and even lights! If you enjoy listening to music, purchase a wireless speaker or shower radio to hang on your bathroom wall. If you enjoy baths, consider purchasing a bathtub tray that can be set across your tub, allowing you to set your bathing essentials, a tablet, or a book in front of you while you relax. Invest in a few bubble baths or a wonderful-smelling body wash. Purchase a few other indulgent items, too, like a scalp-massaging shampoo brush or a spa-style bath pillow to rest your head on. Be careful, though! With your bathroom fully accessorized, you just might find that you'll never want to get out of the tub again!


Event Tickets


If you're a frugal person, you may find that you often have trouble justifying unnecessary personal expenditures. Experiences, however, are always worth investing in! Look at an event calendar to find out what's happening in your local area. Make it a point to treat yourself to an interesting experience. Attend a concert, see a local theater performance, or cheer on your favorite team at a sporting event. Make an afternoon and evening of seeing two or three movies at the cinema, or attend an outdoor festival or fair. Don't let geography hold you back, either! If there's a music group you love or an event you're dying to attend in another city or region, make it a point to go, regardless of the additional costs. The priceless memories you make will stick with you for a lifetime.


Most of us know how it feels to fall into ruts of pessimistic thinking and negative self-talk. The next time you find yourself feeling blue, take a step back and make the decision to do something kind for yourself instead. Treat yourself to a small gift or a nice meal. Consider doing something for your health and wellness, too, such as engaging in a short yoga practice or mindfulness meditation. Treating yourself kindly will open the door to greater happiness in both your present and in your future!



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