Winter Dates to Keep You Warm

Winter Dates to Keep You Warm

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You can't stop winter from coming but don't let the chill in the air cool down your romance. The winter months open up a whole world to share and offer fresh experiences that will help you get to know your partner. With the right combination of frosty outdoor adventure and a warm fire, you may find things heat up while the cold winds blow. Grab your mittens and head outside.



Adventure Awaits

If you love winter sports, you may have been waiting for months to don your skis or skates. Now you can lace up those ice skates and head to the local pond or rink. If you don't have your own skates, you can usually rent some. Skis can be rented too and if downhill skiing seems too expensive or dangerous, try cross-country skiing. It is easy to master and can be done almost anywhere. Consider snow-shoeing as another option.


Free Frosty Fun

You don't need to spend a fortune renting skis at a fancy resort to enjoy the snow. Take a tip from kids everywhere and have fun in the drifts for free. Grab a sled or even a piece of cardboard and take to the top of the hills. Race each other on separate sleds or hold on tight as you board a sled to slide down the hill together. Challenge each other to a snowball fight or build a snowman together. A walk in the fresh, cold air is always free of charge.


The Beach

The shore can be bleak and beautiful during the winter months and best of all, you may find you have it all to yourself. Grab hands and stroll along the sand in the gentle winter sun. You may find you can walk for miles without encountering another person. If it the weather is mild, bring blankets and a winter picnic. Some beaches will allow you to build a bonfire and stay into the evening.


Movie Magic

After a cold day in the snow, bring your date home to snuggle up by a warm fire and watch a classic movie. For fun, you may want to watch a movie marathon of movies where a good part of the action takes place in the snow. Watching movies like "Fargo," "Groundhog Day," "Happy Feet" or "The Shining," will make you especially glad you have someone to cuddle.


Snow Escape

If your relationship is ready for a weekend get away, find a charming bed and breakfast with access to the snow or book a room at a ski lodge with a big fireplace. Having a warm room waiting for you nearby makes it easy to enjoy the snow in increments throughout the day. You can snowshoe in the morning, come back for lunch and a nap and go for a late afternoon hike as evening snow falls.


Indoors Is OK

Of course, sometimes the temperatures can drop too low for even the most intrepid of us. If the weather turns frigid, there are plenty of indoor options. Try to think beyond the usual dinner and a movie. Seek out salsa or ballroom dance lessons to get your blood flowing. Slip on some bowling shoes and head out to the lanes or try a night of old fashioned board games. Soon the ice will melt away.

Editor, 01/16/2013