Your online dating profile: 6 easy tips to get your profile noticed!

Your online dating profile: 6 easy tips to get your profile noticed!

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When it comes to dating, it's the same whether you are twelve years old going to a pizza place or over fifty and finally meeting the person you discovered online face-to-face for the first time. The nerves are working overtime, you wonder if they will like you, you hope you really do have lots in common with one another. As more and more people use senior dating sites to find true love, it's becoming even more crucial to write an online dating profile that will stand out from all the others. While many people spend only a few minutes filling out the profile, those who put in some extra time and thought will find their efforts may pay off when it comes to finding a soulmate. When creating the profile, there are several things to do that can turn a good profile into a great one.


Smile for the Camera

There's never a second chance to make a first impression, and a picture is definitely worth a thousand, maybe even two thousand words in an online dating profile. The first rule is to smile and look happy, rather than look like you're posing for your driver's license picture or a mug shot. A head shot works best, and make it a current one, not one that's 20 years old and shows you with a full head of hair and lots of muscle.


What's in a Username?

Using humor and creativity when coming up with a username can help get you noticed. Put some thought into it, and come up with a name that matches your personality without sounding cheesy, egotistical or corny.


Let Them See the Real You

Let potential matches see your real personality by making yourself stand out from the crowd. Share your aspirations, hopes and dreams for the future along with hobbies, likes and dislikes and so forth. A descriptive piece with good grammar will go far toward attracting the attention of Mr. or Ms. Right.


Fill in the Blanks

While it sometimes feels like it's taking forever to fill out a dating profile, it's best to fill in all the fields rather than leaving lots of them blank. Skipping sections or refusing to reveal some information makes it appear you have something to hide or consider yourself too good for this method of dating. Be motivated when filling out a profile, and be prepared to watch the offers start rolling in.


Don't Worry, Be Happy

People who visit senior dating sites are in a good mood, so don't rain on their parade by berating your ex-spouse or ex-significant other when describing what you don't want in a potential mate. Sounding angry and as if you trust no one will not exactly make you high on anyone's list of potential matches.


Please be More Specific

Don't just say you like music or sports. Is it country or rock, jazz or classical? Football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis anyone? Whatever your likes, be as specific as possible when highlighting them. Doing so will keep a potential match interested, and possibly ignite a spark that will result in a match.


By following these tips, it's possible that what starts out as a simple hello will someday turn into a couple that wonders how they ever got along without one another.


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