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Sorry that there are, as yet, no photographs of my new found partner and I. However I am pleased to give you a testimonial.


I signed up with 50plus-Club in late July or early August of 2012. My new partner signed up - from what we can infer - within 48 hours one way or another of the time I signed up. We were each the first contact we had and pursued a month-long correspondence through the 50plus-Club website. Here I must say that what first caught our attention was our individual literacy and intelligent means of written communication. We finally agreed that we should speak in person and exchanged phone numbers. Shortly after that we decided to meet in person. The rest is history. We have taken a short 3 day "road trip" together and enjoyed it very much. Here we are in December and we will be spending the holiday season together and meeting each others' families. We are planning a longer "road trip" in January for three weeks to visit friends in Arizona. Should we survive that without the daggers coming into evidence, there are many more possibilities which we are discussing, but being cautious about at this time.


I have to say that this new connection is no less than amazing. My partner and I have discovered so many areas in which we have similar likes, dislikes, habits and inclinations that it continues to astound us. We both take our coffee black, no sugar. We both prefer red wine over white. We are both left handed. We are both retired professional people who have endured similar challenges in our careers. We enjoy the same music and the same movies. We read the same sort of books. We fold our clothes the same way. We have a similar sense of humour. We even share the same gestures, if you can believe that! Often one of us will say something and the other will reply by saying "Get out of my head! I was about to say the same thing!"


I cannot attribute all of these things to the 50plus-Club website. However, if my new partner and I had not met there with the availability of personal information, we probably would never have met and "clicked" as we did.


So, thank you. Your website has allowed a wider degree of communication that has given us opportunities that we may very well never have otherwise been able to take advantage of.


Best Regards,

Patricia and Bruce

Editor, 12/12/2012

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Thanks so much, Rachel, for your lovely comment.  Frankly I thought that, after my first marriage of nearly 30 years ended on a very bad note, there was no hope left.  I remained alone for five years before finally biting the bullet and putting myself "out there" again.  Today I am very happy indeed.  It looks as though Bruce and I are in for the long haul.  We returned three days ago from our trip and although the weather down South was very cold, we had a wonderful time.  We are still asking each other when we will be having our first argument, if you can believe that!  So keep your hopes up.  Somewhere on the face of this earth there is someone who is the right match for you.  Your photo speaks volumes to me - that you are a warm and caring person with a sense of humour and love to give.  Hang in there and you will eventually not be alone.  As Bruce told me a couple of weeks ago (with tongue in cheek, mind you) "I have to say that I can't agree with the general consensus regarding there being no passion after the age of sixty!"  So go for it, girl, because life isn't over until you expect it to be over.  I firmly believe that when a person thinks they are old and unattractive, that is what they become.  It is difficult but not impossible to reach out and gain a new perspective through having even a little bit of positive attention paid to you. I wish you all the best and lots of happiness.