5 Most Beautiful Fall Getaways Around The World

5 Most Beautiful Fall Getaways Around The World

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Fun & Affordable November Getaways

November is one of the best months for affordable travel. With children still in school and most adults organizing trips for the winter holidays, tourists who are able to escape this month are often able to score great prices while avoiding the crowds.


Visit one of these great locations to enjoy awesome attractions at budget-friendly prices.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole's location makes it a prime stop for travelers looking to explore the American West. Located just minutes from Grand Teton National Park, this charming town of 10,000 residents offers vacationers the opportunity to explore the mountains and observe wildlife ranging from bison and eagles to bears and moose. The late autumn and early winter months are a great time to visit Jackson Hole's National Elk Refuge, home to over 5,000 elk. Those who love skiing and other winter sports can enjoy the area's abundant snowfall starting in late November. Whether you dream of skiing down snow-capped mountains or long to have a drink in a cowboy saloon, Jackson Hole has something to offer you.


Cancun, Mexico


November is a month of balmy, beautiful weather in Cancun, with average highs of 86°F (30°C) and lows around 73°F (23°C). With nearly a thousand hotels in the region, travelers can easily take their pick from a variety of options. Lounge on the beach at Playa Delfines, soaking up the sun and splashing in the ocean. Learn how to ride the waves or enjoy an afternoon snorkeling or scuba diving. Walk or take a bus down Avenida Kukulkan to explore many of Cancun's restaurants and shops after spending your morning swimming with dolphins. If you've been longing for a tropical getaway but have postponed it due to the cost, consider visiting Cancun during the off-season. By doing so, you'll enjoy great weather and fantastic attractions at palatable prices.


Sicily, Italy


Though the island of Sicily is steeped in ancient history, it remains an excellent place to visit in the 21st century. Despite being considered a part of Italy today, the island was historically under the influence of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Spaniards, amongst others. Today, Sicily is best known for its mountains, hills, and spectacular sea views. Travel from city to city, observing Greek ruins and snacking on local dishes like arancini, a deep-fried stuffed rice ball dish filled with meat, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and peas. Climb Mount Etna, one of the world's most active volcanoes, and admire its unique geology. Though some wineries may be closed in late autumn, savvy travelers can do almost everything they desire in November at a fraction of the busy season prices.


Memphis, Tennessee


Though Memphis has long been known for its music scene, the city has become an increasingly popular travel destination in recent years. In addition to visiting Graceland, Elvis's renowned residence, travelers should be sure to spend a day at the National Civil Rights Museum. Set at the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, the museum offers a sobering look at the atrocities committed against African-Americans from the slavery era through the present day. Music fans will also enjoy visiting Sun Studio, where numerous blues, rock, and country hits were recorded. Animal lovers might prefer to spend the day observing the 3,500 animals at the Memphis Zoo. In between attractions, visitors can feast on barbecue, fried chicken, grits, biscuits, and other southern specialties at restaurants across the city.


Cairo, Egypt


With an average high of 80°F (26°C) and reasonable accommodation prices, November is an ideal month for traveling to Cairo. November weather is both dry and warm, making outdoor exploration particularly comfortable throughout the month. All visitors should be sure to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest and best-preserved structure amongst the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Interested visitors can even tour the interior of this awe-inspiring structure. Walk from the Great Pyramid across the Giza Plateau to admire the Great Sphinx. Spend an afternoon touring the markets and mosques of Islamic Cairo. Enjoy delicious Egyptian dishes like falafel and chicken shawarma. From desert explorations to baklava for dessert, Cairo offers a variety of adventures for every traveler.


In Conclusion:


If none of these locations fit your schedule or budget, consider enjoying a weekend getaway in your local community. Rent a house, get a hotel room in the city, or visit a historic bed and breakfast for a few nights. Take advantage of affordable accommodations and travel somewhere new this November!



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Editor, 10/27/2016