Selling your home? 10 Affordable Upgrades that will boost the value of your home

Selling your home? 10 Affordable Upgrades that will boost the value of your home

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When you are trying to sell your home, it is important to upgrade certain areas of your home in order to give it more appeal to buyers. The small upgrades help increase the overall value of your home. Most of the upgrades are simple and you can normally do them yourself without the cost of a contractor. Here is a list of 10 affordable upgrades that boost the value of your home.



Take Care of Your Yard

If you are not familiar with the term curb appeal, you should learn more about the term. Curb appeal is defined as how you home appears if someone were standing on the curb looking at your home. They are looking to see if it looks good from a short distance. In order to obtain curb appeal simply cut your grass, pull a few weeds and remove excess junk. This increases the value of your home and makes it easier to sell your home.


Paint the Interior of your Home

People tend to underestimate how a fresh coat of paint can dramatically increase the value of your home. Painting a few rooms or your baseboard brings tremendous flow to your house. Certain colors actually make some rooms look larger. If your living room appears small, try a lighter coat of paint.


Clean the Inside of your Home

Nothing is worse than trying to sell your house while the house is filthy. That is why you need a deep clean to raise the overall appeal of your home. Did you know that cleaning can raise the value of your home, so break out the rags and brooms and start cleaning.


Remove all the Excess Clutter

If you have a large amount of things you keep that are taking up space, get rid of them. Many people believe some things have a sentimental value so they keep the items. However, they do not touch or look at the items in years. Before long, the entire house is cluttered. That means it is time to remove all of it.


Update your Kitchen

Add fixtures like faucets, trim and appliances that are up-to-date. This gives your kitchen a fresh and new look, and replacing the items is quite easy. The value of your home increases with an updated kitchen.


Take Care of your Carpet and Tile

Deep clean your carpet if you have stains and deep-seeded dirt. Hire a professional or rent a cleaner to do the job yourself. The cost is usually less than $100 and increases the value of your home. If you have tile floors, get down on your knees until you see a beautiful shine.


Repair Minor Roof Damage

Any roof damage is harmful to the value of your home, including missing tile or shingles. You can easily replace missing tile or shingles with a few nails and a hammer. If you are uncomfortable making the repair on your own, hire a roofing contractor. Minor repairs to the roof usually cost very little.


Replace Small Fixtures Throughout your Home

If small fixtures are needed in your home, visit your local hardware store and buy what you need. Replacing the fixtures is quick and easy and increases the appeal of your home. If you leave them "as-is", you will have trouble selling your home.


Replace Old Doors

Nothing looks worse than doors that are rotted and old. If you really want to increase your home's value, replace as many doors as you can with up-to-date doors. You will find that your entire house looks better by replacing a couple of doors.


Junk Vehicles Kill your Home's Value

Junk collectors are the biggest violators when it comes to the value of a home. Junk cars in the front and back of the house kill the value and appeal of a home. So, if you are a collector of cars and they are junk, find it in your heart to remove the vehicles. It is guaranteed that you will not sell your home with junk vehicles cluttering your yard.

Editor, 05/09/2013