Fun & Unusual First Date Ideas

Fun & Unusual First Date Ideas

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Going out on a first date can be stressful! In addition to worrying about the impression you’ll make, you and your date also need to choose an activity to engage in together! Most first dates involve meeting up at a conventional dating hotspot, such as a local pub, coffee shop, or cinema. After so many beers, cappuccinos, and bags of popcorn, however, things can get pretty boring.


Constantly engaging in the same routine often leads to the same uninteresting interactions. Instead of taking your new love interest out for dinner and a movie, do something different for a change! Choose one of these less conventional dating ideas to enjoy a more interesting time together.


An All-Day Road-Trip Date


If you're feeling daring, plan a date that will last all day! Instead of visiting a local coffee shop, plan a trip to an interesting nearby destination. A city with a local university, for instance, will likely have a number of events running during most weekends, and may also have an assortment of interesting museums and eateries to visit. Travel by car or local transit, such as a regional bus or train. Start early in the day, listening to music and discussing your interests while on the road. Enjoy a late lunch when you arrive in town. Explore the area all day, and head home in the evening. If you can handle a day trip together, you and your date just might have success further "down the road," too!


One-Time Course or Class


Learning something new together can be a great, low-stress way to get to know someone! Instead of fixating on just your date, focus your attention on an activity you know little about. Community colleges, art schools, culinary institutes, libraries, and other local organizations often offer one-time courses in subjects ranging from cooking, yoga to pottery to bread-making. Talk to your date about your interests and settle on something you're both curious about. Even if you walk away from the date deciding that you're not suited for one another, you'll have learned something new and perhaps even discovered a new hobby you can pursue on your own.


Volunteer Together


Are you and your date both passionate individuals? If so, channel your energies into a cause that you both care about! Instead of being a consumer, enjoy a day spent giving back to your community. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, preparing dishes for the less fortunate. Help out at an animal shelter, walking dogs, cleaning kennels, and cuddling abandoned pets. If you're looking for a less structured activity, consider simply cleaning up a local park or beach, disposing of trash and returning recyclable products. If you can enjoy spending time with someone in such a selfless way, you’ll probably enjoy going on a more conventional date with them as well! 

Take a Historic Town Tour


Are you and your date history buffs? If so, embrace your love of the past by exploring the history of your region! Most larger towns and cities offer a variety of ways to discover more about local history. See if historic homes or buildings in your region offer daily or weekly tours. If you're interested in exploring the area on foot, check to see if there are guided historic tours of your city. In some areas, historic signs and markers may be placed around noteworthy destinations; if so, you can create a self-planned tour of your region, too! For a rainy day, see if there’s an indoor exhibit or local historical museum worth exploring. Perhaps your first date will go so well that it too will go down in history!


Organize A Tasting Tour


Why settle for a simple coffee shop date?! Instead of sitting down at a single spot, organize a tasting tour of your own! Talk to your date about your favorite foods and beverages. Are you both caffeine addicts, or do you share a sweet tooth? Are you fans of sushi, or do you prefer fresh-baked breads? Pick a theme and do a little research! If you're both ice cream lovers, for instance, research the best ice cream shops and gelaterias in town. Figure out whether you'll travel on foot, by bike, or by bus, and plan out your day! Visit a handful of destinations, sampling something at each shop. At the end of the night, see if you can settle on a favorite destination. Do you and your date share the same taste and a similar palate? After sampling all that your town has to offer, you'll know the answer for yourself!


In Conclusion:


Though there’s nothing wrong with a conventional dinner date, opting for a more unusual experience can be a great way to discover whether or not you and your love interest are truly compatible. Do things get awkward when you’re shopping around town rather than downing cocktails at a bar? If so, your relationship is unlikely to be a lasting one. If, however, you can have fun while enjoying an odd or silly experience together, you just might be a perfect match!


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